Welcome to Journey of Dreams



JOURNEY OF DREAMS is a Scathamiya Music group consisting of 13 members (9 on stage and 10 supportive staff), which have plenty musical talent. The idea is to bring cultural awareness among the communities, since our country was in an unstable environment and the group leader involved in politics, the group failed to impose the cultural music to different communities. These difficulties made the group experience problems such as development, new members were recruited but were not staying due to the political climate in our country (South Africa). JOURNEY OF DREAMS is committed in fighting crime and voilence through music and dance. The group also is being encouraged by President Dr Jacob G Zuma, The ANC President. Early in 1998 the gruoup was reformed and has not looked back since. JOURNEY OF DREAMS is in consultation with Iphmbo Scathamita Music Organization, Katlehong Art Centre, Cultural Alliance, Acumda, All South Africa Municipalities, South Africa National Recreation Arts and Culture Departments, Jacob Zuma Foundation and other organizations in terms of sharing information, ideas festivals, concerts and expertise to came up with ways and means to develop peace and our values


The Task Before Us Is Not Greater Than The Power Behind us”